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Miles Technologies is a leading provider of barcode and RFID equipment including barcode printers, mobile computers, barcode scanners, and barcode and RFID labels. We also develop software applications including INVision warehouse management software, RealView RFID Asset Tracking Software, and the RFIDatawedge developer kit.

Our mission at Miles Technologies is to provide exceptional customer service and improve our customer's competitiveness by automating their business processes with innovative and cost effective solutions.

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Supply Chain Software Solutions

WMS Software

Warehouse Management Software

IntelliTrack Inventory Software

INVision Warehouse Management Software

IntelliTrack INVision

Inventory and Asset Tracking Software

IntelliTrack Software manages inventory and assets using barcode, RFID, and wireless tracking technology. IntelliTrack is a leading small to medium business solutions provider that can help you collect, track, and manage anything.

With several installations worldwide, IntelliTrack is the most recognized inventory software brand in the data collection industry.... Learn More »

Improve the Profitability of Your Warehouse Operations

INVision® warehouse management software is offered in a traditional premise-based model. With our premise model, the software application resides on your servers and is supported by your existing IT staff.

INVision is ideal for companies that prefer to have control of the software on site and is the least expensive, long-term way of deploying a WMS solution.... Learn More »

Check In/Out

Check in - Check Out Software


IntelliTrack Check In Out software allows Tool, Equipment or Facility Maintenance Managers to track equipment and consumable inventory. Equipment availability in addition to consumable inventory usage and stock levels is tracked with Check In–Out. Using a Windows CE/Mobile handheld computer with integrated bar code reader, personnel can quickly check out equipment, or receive and issue consumable inventory. Equipment and inventory transactions on the Windows CE/Mobile handheld computer typically require scanning the location barcode, item barcode and entering the transaction quantity.

IntelliTrack Check In–Out keeps detailed information about who has equipment and when that equipment is due back. Additionally IntelliTrack Check In Out keeps detailed information about usage and manages your reorder points with minimum and maximum levels defined for each inventory item. If your equipment or inventory items do not have barcodes, IntelliTrack Check In Out can print them for you..... Learn More »

Fixed Assets

Fixed Assets Software


IntelliTrack Fixed Assets RFID software allows Asset Managers to efficiently perform regular physical inventories. Using a Windows CE/Mobile handheld computer with integrated RFID reader, personnel can quickly read all of the asset tags in an area. With the enhanced capability of IntelliTrack Fixed Assets RFID software, personnel can reconcile asset counts right on the handheld computer. After the inventory is performed, reports can be run from IntelliTrack Fixed Assets software to determine if all assets have been accounted for.

IntelliTrack RFID Fixed Assets, an asset tracking system with RFID capability, is popular with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, government agencies and large companies that require regular asset audits... Learn More »


Stockroom Inventory Software


IntelliTrack Stockroom Inventory software allows Stockroom or Facility Maintenance Managers to track consumable inventory usage and stock levels. Using a Windows CE/Mobile handheld computer with integrated barcode reader, personnel can quickly receive and issue consumable inventory. Inventory transactions on the Windows CE/Mobile handheld computer typically require scanning the Stockroom location barcode, item barcode and entering the transaction quantity.

IntelliTrack Stockroom keeps detailed information about usage and manages your reorder points with minimum and maximum levels defined for each inventory item. If your inventory items do not have barcodes, IntelliTrack Stockroom Inventory can print them for you.... Learn More »


RFID Software

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has proven itself to be a useful technology that enables an organization to have visibility into their operations. With our RFID software solutions, users have the ability to track people, assets, or products without the need for human intervention or direct line of site are main drivers for the use of RFID technology.

RFID technology can offer a business many benefits ranging from better tracking of work in process to speeding up throughput in a warehouse. RealView RFID asset tracking software can track assets and solve visibility issues which can be pain points for a business. RFID technology can provide companies with automatic visualization of objects with no line of sight or human intervention. The use of RFID technology can benefit a business through reduced administrative errors, labor costs associated with scanning bar codes, internal theft, errors in shipping goods, and more efficient inventory levels.

Need RFID labels? Miles has been providing quality design and printing of RFID Labels for over 10 years. Request a RFID Label quote.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Increase visibility within the supply chain
  • Lower operating costs
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Reduce human intervention
  • Decrease working capital
  • Reduce stock outages
  • Lower operating costs
  • Real time information processing
  • No line of sight required

Learn More About RFID

Voice Picking

Voice Picking

Through the use of Voice Directed Picking, customers have realized accuracy and productivity gains in warehouses and distribution centers for nearly 20 years. Voice Picking improves warehouse and distribution center performance by applying the latest in text-to-speech, speech recognition, and wireless wearable computing technologies to facilitate communication between workers and their warehouse management system (WMS).

With Voice Picking, employees can stay focused on the job at hand. They're not reading a screen, pick list, or purchase order; keying in data, or juggling both product and an input device. Voice directed picking delivers critical DC functionality ranging from picking to put-away, to receiving and replenishment and many other critical distribution functions. Voice logistics is ideal for any function where it's faster and easier for people to speak aloud than to enter data manually.

Miles Technologies, an authorized Vocollect partner, has a fully operational voice directed work system available for demonstration at their Technology Integration Center. Contact Miles Technologies to schedule an appointment to see if Voice is right for you in your Distribution Center today.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Increase productivity up to 25%
  • Improve accuracy rates up to 99.9%
  • Cut operating costs
  • Increase safety
  • Cut training time in half
  • Dramatic ROI in 12 months, or less
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Maximize user acceptance

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Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery

Direct Store Delivery software gives field organizations real-time access to mission critical information. Sales forces can now have instant access to inventory, customer transactions, and purchasing history. Company's utilizing Direct Store Delivery (DSD) software can adjust and monitor their on- truck inventory throughout the work day. And management can track their mobile workforce using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to optimize routes and improve fuel efficiency.

At Miles Technologies, we provide field mobility software solutions that empower companies to maximize revenue-generating opportunities, provide faster response times to customers, and reduce overhead by eliminating paperwork and travel costs. We can customize our direct store delivery software solutions to fit the size and needs of your organization. 

Contact Miles Technologies to request a direct store delivery software demo.

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