Case Studies - Automotive Industry

Miles Technologies, Inc. provides "SMART Printing" Solution for an Automotive Parts Manufacturer.


The relationship between an Automotive Parts Manufacturer and their customer was at risk. Their top customer complained that they were receiving parts incorrectly labeled. This caused their supplier rating to drop, and they were about to lose one of the largest car manufacturers as a client. Looking internally, the IS bandwidth was not fast enough to implement a new system. They contacted Miles Technologies, Inc. to find a solution.

SolutionDatamax Barcode Label Printers

Miles Technologies, Inc. designed a new solution to meet their
requirements. A new option within certain Datamax Printers uses the
MCL Data Collection Software Tool to write applications that reside in
the printer. These applications can utilize the front panel display and
take barcode scanner inputs from the serial port of the printer. Part
numbers and descriptions can be stored, and a unique, incremental
serial number can be produced. The last serial number is stored in static
memory so that the serial number will never duplicate. A barcode menu
with the part number for the job would be printed on a laser printer.
Upon scanning the barcode, a label would print. User selection or
batching of print jobs was no longer needed, which reduced errors.

Overall, the project took less than a week to design and implement, including 2 days for
application development, implementation and testing of the solution. The higher-end units from
Datamax were selected since the MCL System is not part of the I-4208 Models but is
embedded in the I-4210/4212 Models. HHP 3800 scanners were used to collect the data.
There was one day of on-site training provided.

HHP 3800 ScannersBenefits

The overall cost of the project was $25,000 and the value to the customer was saving the relationship with their largest customer - revenues exceeding $600,000 a year.

Miles Value Add

Miles offered a total integrated solution including recommending and installing the hardware.
They quickly responded to the customer's urgent request and provided the custom
programming needed to make it work.

Solution Included

Datamax Printers, MCL Data Collection Software, HHP 3800 scanners, and Miles Professional Services

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