Case Studies - Chemical and Manufacturing

ProblemChemical WMS

The customer is a leading international manufacturer of special effect pigments used
in paints and coatings, graphics arts/printing inks, plastics and cosmetics. They
provide hundreds of different products that include metallic effect pigments, pressready
printing inks, and special effect products.

Many of the product identification labels are on a variety of label materials in different
sizes. They also print shipping labels for their own products. Because of the vast
variety of products they manufacture, they require two different printers, one for their
normal product and shipping needs and another printer for wide chemical drum


TEC Barcode Printer B-SX5They required label printers that could offer excellent print quality, different print
widths, up to 8 ½" in width, and the ability to cut labels off at any length. Miles
Technologies, Inc. suggested the B-SX5 and the B-882. Both offered center loading
for ease of use with different width stocks and print at 305 dpi for excellent print
quality. They also accommodated a cutter option to allow labels to be cut to varying
lengths without changing label stock.

Labels were printed with their customer's supplied stock for product labeling. All variable
information and barcoding was added with the TEC B-SX5 and also the B-882 for their wide width chemical labeling needs that required up to 8 ½" wide labels.


The B-SX5 and B-882 both offered internal Ethernet connectivity to network with the customer's system requirements The B-SX5 added the flexibility of an optional cutter so they could produce different length labels without changing label stock. This resulted in cost savings in supplies and fewer errors.

Miles Value Add

Consumables are one of the most vital areas to be addressed with any barcode printer solution. The Miles Sales and Technical Team worked together to design a custom solution to meet the customer's needs. The combined experience included: print and label technology, inventory management systems. This resulted in the customer having a single point of contact across the various skills and products required for a successful integrated solution.

Solution Included

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