Case Studies - Document Management Company


A Document Management Company's business is to manage thousands of boxes, store them safely, and retrieve them at the customer's request. The process of receiving boxes and recording the location of the storage was managed manually. The customer realized that they had too many errors, and the process was too slow to keep up with their customers' requests. They needed to find a better way to verify document deliveries and locate boxes.


Miles Technologies was asked for a solution. After a site visit, Miles realized that they needed an automated system. Miles recommended multiple handheld terminals and portable printers with custom MCL software on the devices.


The Miles Solution gave the customer data collection devices that would capture signatures, and immediately print receipts. Some of the other benefits included:

1. Fewer errors
2. Electronic proof of pick-up and delivery
3. Less time to record information
4. Fewer lost or misplaced items

Miles Value Add

Miles was able to offer a variety of equipment because of their experience as an integrator and preferred partner status with many of the data collection manufacturers. Miles created an "on demand", real-time, integrated solution that included data collection hardware and Miles Wireless Consulting Service.

Miles Technologies

Solution Included

MCL Software
Symbol PDT3100, PPT 2800
Portable Terminals
O'Neil 2T Portable Printers
Miles Professional Services.

Symbol Scanner