Case Studies - Field Repair

Miles Technologies, Inc. Helps Manage Field Repair for Telecommunications CompanyProblem

Customer has over 100 warehouses and 200 field repair technicians. Each technician is given a list of materials and parts, and manually enters items to be removed from inventory.

After an Internal audit, it was determined that the inventory system was not effective. It became obvious that they needed a better way to track items. The customer contacted Miles to see if there was a better solution.


Symbol 4131 Access Point

Miles determined that by automating the process the customer could eliminate paper reporting of the items picked. This provided the customer with better accuracy and timely inventory reporting. Miles Certified Engineers installed Miles' INVision software which integrated with the customer's Lawson system. INVision provided the functions needed for data capture, scanning, printing, and database updates for less cost than traditional inventory management systems. Over 20 warehouses have been successful installed.


Customer saved thousands of dollars in inventory loss and carrying costs.

  • Better inventory tracking system
  • Reduced inventory
  • Single source solution
  • Easier and more accurate inventory auditing
  • Low cost and repeatable for all warehouses

Miles Value Add

The Miles Sales and Technical Team worked together to design a custom solution to meet the customer's needs. Miles' INVision software was designed to integrate with Lawson applications and multiple barcode devices. Miles was able to use the newest technology from multiple vendors and integrate it effectively for the customer.

Solution Included

Symbol 4131 Access Points, Symbol 6846 Handheld Terminals, TEC Barcode Printers, Miles' INVision Software, Lawson Integration and Miles Profes sional Services.

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