Case Studies - Food Distribution

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A Food Distributor had to improve their operations. They needed data collection devices that would work in extreme temperatures, humid environments, and could read from a distance. They also needed a reliable wireless system to work with their IBM AS/400 based WMS software. The Food Distributor wanted to implement a "VOIP" (Voice Over IP) system in the future.


Miles Technologies was asked for a solution. After a site visit, Miles realized that they needed specialized equipment and enclosures. Miles recommended multiple access points that were placed in special heated enclosures. They also recommended long range scanners and hand held terminals for cycle counting.


The Miles Solution gave the customer data collection devices that would be reliable in harsh environments. Some of the other benefits included:

TEC Color Barcode Printer, TEC Toshiba Group1. Rugged equipment
2. Wall to wall high speed wireless coverage
3. Data accessible on demand
4. Low training costs

Miles Value Add

Miles was able to offer a variety of equipment because of their experience as an integrator and preferred partner status with many of the data collection manufacturers. Miles created an "on demand", real-time, integrated solution that included data collection hardware and Miles Wireless Consulting Service.

Miles Technologies

Solution Included

Honeywell 6520 Access Points
Honeywell 1380/VX1 VMT,
Honeywell MX3 HHT,
IBM AS/400 Software Integration
Miles Professional Services.