Case Studies - Food Service Distribution

Food LabelA Food Service Distributor needed to eliminate the frequency of incorrect product deliveries to the wrong route stop. Errors were occurring on a daily basis.
Each box leaving the FSD Distribution Center had a monochrome label with the Route Stop No. printed in a larger bolder font size. Still, the route drivers were continuously delivering boxes to the wrong stops. This problem caused a significant loss of time, production, and money both on the part of FSD and their customers.


The customer turned to Miles to develop a solution. The Miles Consultant recommended the TEC CB-416 Color Thermal Printer for a number of reasons. The main reason was to add a color field to their label format which would TEC - Color Barcode Printeridentify each route stop with a unique color. The FSD also wanted to be able to continue to use their existing label material requiring a solution using thermal transfer.
They replaced the monochrome printers with the TEC CB-416 since it would cause the least disruption to the existing label printing distribution system. It would ultimately prove to be a cost effective, efficient, and acceptable means to remedy their problem at hand. Once the operators in charge of printing the thousands of labels per day received proper training on the CB-416, they welcomed the change knowing they were contributing to a successful label printing operation for their distribution system.


By implementing color into their label format, FSD was able to produce labels distinguishing route stop and product. This solution resulted in reduced shipping errors because there were fewer returned or lost shipments. Customer satisfaction also increased.

Miles Value Add

Miles designed a custom solution to meet the customer's needs. The combined Miles experience included: industry and process knowledge, technical understanding of the TECCB- 416 Color Printer capabilities, and label design development.


TEC CB-416 Miles Professional Services

Why Color Printing?Toshiba TEC Logo

  • Attracts customers eyes by relieving the monotony of black only labels
  • Offers quick identification for coding, stocking, or retrieving merchandise
  • Provides powerful tools for brand awareness and product differentiation
  • Supplies a cost effective means to incorporate special promotions or information into the label format
  • Brings attention to a product change, expiration date, event or other important informationMiles Technologies Logo

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