Case Studies - Furniture Manufacturer


This Leading Furniture Manufacturer with over 15 manufacturing facilities and service centers, needed to upgrade their data collection system. Their Legacy equipment used proprietary communications and a programming language that was no longer supported. They asked Miles Technologies to determine if new technology would offer greater hardware flexibility and be easier to support.


Miles recommended that they standardize on a programming language that was "open" and could be used with a variety of equipment. They recommended standardizing on the GTL Programming Toolkit which offered easy integration without re-programming each manufactures data collection equipment.


Symbol scannerThe Miles Solution gave the customer the ability to select from multiple hardware vendors. This included products from Symbol and PSC. Miles introduced equipment that provided functionality and performance that fit the customers evolving requirements and to meet competitive market demands. Some of the other benefits included:

- Reduced TCO (total cost of ownership)
- Increased flexibility in equipment selection

Miles Value Add

PSC Vehicle MountMiles was able to offer a variety of equipment because of their experience as an integrator and preferred partner status with many of the data collection manufacturers. They have experience in creating "open", flexible, integrated solutions.



Solution Included

GTL Programming Tool,
Falcon 515 RF Workstation,
Welch Allen Tethered Scanners
Symbol RF Backbone
Symbol PDT-6146 Handheld Terminals
Miles Professional Services

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