Case Studies - 3PL


Color Barcode LabelA large logistics and warehouse company had built four new facilities. The goal was to equip each facility with a wireless infrastructure at the time it was being built; this would allow the RF System to be live the day the facility went online.


The requirement calls for a company with a national presence, who could manage the installation at all 4 locations and make recommendations on how their wireless networks should be set up. After a site visit, by our RF certified specialist, Miles delivered a
comprehensive document that blue printed the installation of the entire wireless network for each location.


The Miles Solution gave the customer the national support they needed. By visiting each location Miles understood the customer's processes, requirements and technology infrastructure. With one company handle all four locations, the time to implement was
significantly shortened. This saved the customer time and money to find vendors who could install in different locations. Some of the other benefits included:Symbol Scanners

1. Wall to wall high speed wireless coverage
2. Data accessible on demand
3. Low training costs - Created User level support documents
4. Meet stringent time requirements
5. On going support

Miles Value Add

Miles was able to offer a variety of equipment because of their experience as an integrator and preferred partner status with many of the data collection manufacturers. Miles created an "on demand", real-time, integrated solution that included data collection hardware and Miles Wireless Consulting Service.

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Solution Included

Symbol Wireless Access Points
Symbol Wrist mount Terminals
Symbol Handheld Terminals.
Miles Professional Services.

Symbol Access Point and Barcode Scanners