Case Studies - Sports Entertainment Facility


A Sports Stadium wanted to streamline the process for ticket collection at the gates. To help fans avoid long lines they decided to use a system of preprinted tickets with barcodes that could be scanned and verified
through a wireless network and custom software.


Miles Technologies was asked for a solution. After a site visit, Miles realized that they
needed wireless technology including handheld scanners and access points. Miles recommended multiple Symbol access points.

BenefitsSymbol Scanner SPT 1846

The Miles Solution gave the stadium the ability to scan and track tickets at the gates without network cables and power cables. The fans were delighted to be able to enter so quickly. Some of the other benefits included:

1. Fast ticket verification
2. Less ticket fraud
3. Better attendance tracking
4. Easy to use - required less training

Miles Value Add

Miles was able to offer a variety of equipment because of their experience as an integrator and preferred partner status with many of the data collection manufacturers. Miles created an "on demand", real-time, integrated solution that included data collection hardware and Miles Wireless Consulting Service.

Miles Technologies

Solution Included

Symbol SPT 1846
Symbol Access Points 4121
Software Integration
Miles Professional Services

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