Case Studies - Worldwide Manufacturer


A Worldwide Manufacturer had several challenges in improving their distribution of products. They needed data collection devices that would work with their current IBM and CISCO network. The problem was magnified by the requirement of the use and support of the equipment internationally. The first installation was in Japan.


Miles Technologies was asked for a solution. After several meetings with the technical and warehouse management teams, Miles recommended an international supplier who could provide worldwide service and support. Another consideration was that the device manufacturer had to have a technical staff, Windows CE products, and a commitment to CISCO PEAP connectivity. They selected Intermec Vehicle Mounted Terminals and Handheld Terminals. Special software was integrated to address some of the connectivity and country (Japan) issues.


Intermec handheld terminalThe Miles Solution gave the customer data collection devices that would meet their worldwide requirements and address the CISCO PEAP issues. Some of the other benefits included:

1. Seamless replacement of legacy equipment
2. Terminals had more functionality
3. Improvements in security with a wireless network
4. Windows CE based handheld devices and computers

Miles Value Add

Intermec Vehicle MountMiles was able to offer a variety of equipment because of their experience as an integrator and preferred partner status with many of the data collection manufacturers. Miles created an "open", internationally supported, flexible, integrated solution. The solution included special data collection hardware, CISCO PEAP Software integration, and Miles Wireless Consulting Service.



Miles Technologies

Solution Included

Intermec Color Pocket PC - 750,
Vehicle Mount PC CV - 60,
FUNK Client Software,
Cisco Software Integration,
Miles Professional Services.

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