Compliance Partner Software

Compliance Partner LogoMeeting the mandates isn't just slapping an RFID tag on a case or pallet and shipping it. It's about growing your business, protecting relationships, and embracing a powerful new technology! One that promises to yield unprecedented efficiencies in the supply chain, for both you and your customer.

Depending on the mandate or your requirements, Miles Technologies has two different solutions to meet your RFID needs.

Compliance Partner

When Miles Technologies engineered the Compliance Partner vRFID software, we focused on what meeting the mandates truly means from a technology and business perspective.

Compliance Partner ScreencapWe found four key requirements for meeting the mandates!

1. Generate and manage a proper EPC and/or DoD number.

2. A QA system to verify that your RFID tags will read mandate distances (up to 10' / 600fpm) after handling, placement, and before you ship them.

3. Associate case labels to pallets

4. Export data for Advance Shipping Notices (ASN) / EDI type transactions.

Compliance Partner vRFID (CP) meets these requirements uniquely and with powerful automated routines that make life simple. In fact, CP's power and ease of use makes things so simple that most installations are completed in a day.

In relation to the above, here is a summary of Compliance Partner vRFID unique features.

1) EPC & DoD Numbers - CP automatically generates the correct label and numbering scheme by SKU and by customer, because it uses Process Profiles which can be system wide or by customer. For example if Wal-Mart® wants EPC compliant tags in SSCC for mixed loads, but GTIN on pallets of the same item and you're shipping only SSCC to Best Buy® for now, no problem. A few clicks and you set up a Wal-Mart® and Best Buy® profile and you can change processing rules at any time.

2) QA System - A quality assurance system is at the core of Compliance Partner.

  • Graphics.
  • Color coded action buttons and focus areas.
  • Transaction time & date stamping.
  • A unique state based processing system which filters out only the tags CP has written for the spurious reads, stray tags or duplications.
  • MS SQL Database with full processing history and audit trails.
  • Our unique signal strength testing engine that detects and rejects weak or improperly placed tags. Upon successful testing, the Signal Strength, Time and Date of the read is recorded.

Compliance Partner Screencap 2

Compliance Partner Screencap 33) Association -The power of RFID technology surfaces in its granularity. A properly generated RFID label is unique in the world and can be tracked with great detail to maximize control over stock-outs, recalls, expiration dates, theft and more. But the benefits are compromised if you don't know what cases are on what pallet?

That's why CP provides several superior processes for associating RFID case tags to pallets versus error prone portal methods.

  • Auto-Associate - Automatically groups case tags and associates them to a specific pallet tag upon reaching a pallet load.
  • Shrink Wrapper Associate - A great routine that automatically reads and associates case tags to a pallet tag while the wrapper is spinning.
  • Assigned Reader Associate - Simply designate a reader at a pallet build station or divert line, and all that passes in a defined area is associated and grouped based on pallet load settings or manual finish pallet buttons.

4) To complete the cycle, you can output data from Compliance Partners MS SQL database to aid in creating your Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) as well as case to pallet association. Depending on the retailer you are partnered with, the level of detail on this transaction will vary. However, this is extremely important when shipping to the DoD using the DoD label format. This label format does not include SKU data, so your ASN must identify the product at the case level and by pallet.

Meeting the mandates with Miles Technologies and the Compliance Partner vRFID assures that you have positioned your business for growth and are leveraging the technology...and our $15K site licensing program is very attractive!