RFID RealView - The Power of RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Realview LogoRFID RealView is application software for accurately tracking asset movement throughout distribution or manufacturing facilities. RFID RealView allows customers to:
  • Monitor
  • Log
  • Manage their assets
  • Trigger on events
  • Email/Text message event notifications

RealView screenshotRFID RealView gives users an instant visual view of their assets by using standard GEN2-based passive and/or BAP tags and readers from all the major manufacturers.

Operations can set up logical conditions to optimize manufacturing lines, trigger inventory transactions, and reduce spoilage. Assets can be linked to pictures, descriptions, and other data attributes to report and log in a meaningful manner.

RFID ShipConfirm Process

Built inside RFID RealView is a RFID ShipConfirm, an RFID application that compares known orders and pallets to a shipping manifest or list. RFID ShipConfirm allows customers to:

  • Build an electronic manifest as trucks are loaded
  • Validate orders being shipped to customers
  • Alert the operator immediately on issues

rfidRFID ShipConfirm allows users the ability to electronically build or validate their pallets as they are loaded onto a truck. Reader portals placed at the dock are electronically monitored against order data to validate the amount and accuracy of the pallet as well as the order of the load.

RFID RealView utilizes the power of the Reva TAP controller to manage the read zones and readers to optimize real data - not just raw tags - with location optimization and directionality.

Features, Functionality, and Services!

    RFID RealView System Specifications / Requirements
    • Modern Microsoft™ .net architecture
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database platform - customer supplied
    • Windows 2003 Server SP1 or Windows XP with SP2
    • Dual Core- processor 1 GHz or higher
    • 1 Gig RAM, 80 GB HD or better
    • Reva TAP 331, TAP 721 controller
    • Support for the top RFID readers
  • Tracks assets using standard GEN2 readers and tags
  • User Definable asset types - People, Inventory, IT, Totes, WIP, Vehicles
  • Supports all the major RFID readers and manufacturers
  • Triggers for certain business logic events
  • Emails to department heads and stakeholders
  • Text message line supervisors
  • Displays last known location and dwell times
  • History tables created for each asset
  • Asset maintenance screens
  • ShipConfirm process built in
  • Counts items loaded to a truck
  • Filters out duplicate tags
  • Exports and query screens available
  • Filtered view based on asset type, tag ID, etc.
  • RFID tag issuance
  • Electronic interface to ERP/ WMS systems

To find out more or see a live demonstration we invite you to come to the Miles Technologies Technology Integration Center in Addison, Illinois conveniently located near O'Hare Airport. The Technology Integration Center is a premier RFID demonstration and training facility during LIVE versions of RFID RealView as well as other automation software.

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