RFIDatawedge USB RFID Reader

Works with any application, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, or Notepad

RFIDatawedgeThe RFIDatawedge kit includes a ThingMagic USB GEN2 UHF reader with needed utilities that place the RFID data into any PC application. The data looks as if it was typed into the spot by a user eliminating any programming or changes to your applications. The RFIDatawedge utility has the ability to format the data in a way that is useful to most users.

  • Simple Gen2 UHF RFID reading
  • USB based interface
  • No programming required
  • Data is placed at the cursor and looks like it was typed!

Users can format and filter RFID tag reads based upon their needs, including:

  • Filter tags based on a prefix or suffix
  • Read 1 unique tag per read cycle
  • Allow multiple tags to be read within one cycle
  • Write RFID tags easily read


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"By using RFIDatawedge, we were able to reduce labor costs for data entry by 46%"

~William F. Chicago, Illinois