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Voice Directed Picking

Vocollect Voice Directed Picking Companies are constantly looking for an edge over their compitition. Voice directed work helps eliminate a lot of the inefficiencies that come with other methods of warehouse management, and helps companies find that competitive edge.

Our voice picking solutions deliver proven performance improvements in productivity, accuracy, cost-reduction and worker satisfaction for mobile employees. Vocollect Voice® literally talks people through their daily tasks, replacing cumbersome lists and traditional data capture methods with hands-free, personal voice dialogs.

As a leading voice directed picking solutions provider, Miles Technologies empowers companies to eliminate inefficiencies in their supply chain.

Voice directed picking enables warehouse workers to communicate via two way dialogue between your warehouse management system and the warehouse worker, thus eliminating the need to enter data via keyboard or data collection terminal.

Voice picking solutions are easy to learn and to use. Utilizing a voice picking solution can improve the performance of your distribution operations by increasing accuracy, improving productivity, and reducing operational costs.

Advantages of implementing voice directed work: Vocollect

  • Increase productivity up to 25%
  • Improve accuracy up to 99.99%
  • Cut operating costs
  • Increase safety
  • Cut training time in half
  • Dramatic ROI
  • Achieve payback in 12 months, or less
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Maximize user acceptance

Miles Technologies is an authorized Vocollect Voice Directed Work Reseller.

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